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What is line marking?

Line marking is a process of painting or spraying lines, lines, symbols and other markings on different surfaces for car parks, warehouses, factories, sports fields to convey information and ensure safety and organization.

What surfaces can be line marked?

Line marking can be done on various surfaces including concrete, asphalt and grass.

Why is line marking important?

Line marking is essential for safety, organisation and compliance with regulations.  It helps to direct traffic flow, indicate parking areas, guide vehicles and pedestrians, also to keep people and vehicles separated for safety.

What types of line marking are available?

There are different types of line marking including water based, solvent based, epoxy thermoplastic amongst other types.  Each has its unique benefits and is suitable for different surfaces and applications.

How long does line marking last?

The longevity of line marking depends on several factors such as the surface material, weather conditions and traffic intensity. However, quality line marking can last for several years with minimal fading or peeling.

Do you offer custom line marking services?

Yes.  We offer custom line marking services to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.  Our team of experts can work with you to create a design that aligns with your brand or communicate your message effectively.

How much does line marking cost?

The cost of line marking varies depending on several factors such as the surface area, type of markings, quantities and location. We provide competitive pricing and offer a free quote to help you plan and budget for your project.

Do you provide line marking maintenance services?

Yes.  We provide line marking maintenance services to ensure the longevity and quality of your line markings. Our team can refresh tired and faded markings, repair damaged ones.  We can schedule your site for regular recurring refreshing.