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Master Linemarking is a recognised leader in airport line marking services, specialising in airfield runways, taxiways, aprons, aircraft parking and hangar line marking. We provide line marking services that adhere to CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Standards and have ASIC-accredited teams available 24/7 for prompt and flexible service. With over 40 years of experience, our specialist line marking people have worked on various airport projects across Australia, including big overlay projects at Sydney and Newcastle Airports.

We carry all necessary insurances, including Aviation Airside/Hangar Insurance and $20 million public liability insurance. In addition to airport line marking, Master Linemarking also offers car park line marking services. We prioritise quality, using Wattyl paints that meet CASA MOS 139 safety standards and are suitable for Australian conditions. Master Linemarking is committed to delivering accurate and compliant results while maintaining workplace health and safety standards.


Warehouse Services

Master Linemarking offers specialised line marking services for warehouses in the Greater Sydney Region. Our Warehouse Teams are skilled in updating warehouse sites daily, ensuring compliance with WHS (Work Health and Safety) regulations. We can assist in creating separate pathways for transport and heavy machinery, improving overall efficiency and safety of warehouse operations.

Master Linemarking teams use state-of-the-art computer-operated line marking machines with airless spraying technology, ensuring compliance with RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) and WHS Australian standards. We provide a comprehensive range of line marking services for forklift exclusion zones, truck delivery bays, safety chevrons, car parks and pedestrian walkways. Our lines incorporate anti-slip and reflective beading for enhanced safety.


Shopping Centre Services

If your shopping centre requires revitalisation, Master Linemarking is here to assist you. Our experienced teams can quickly bring your centre back to life, ensuring a great outcome. Whether it is a new shopping centre requiring line marking, safety line marking and floor layouts that need to be completed urgently or slip testing for pedestrian walkways, Master Linemarking can efficiently handle the task within your budget and timeframe.

We prioritise traffic management and pedestrian safety, adhering to Australian Safety Standards by using anti-slip and reflective beading on pedestrian crossings and walkways. Our professional teams are skilled in installing accurate line markings for shopping centres, car parks, loading zones and slip-resistant pedestrian walkways, focusing on optimising car space efficiency. Master Linemarking employs state-of-the-art computer-operated line marking machines and airless spraying technology, ensuring precise and customised stencilling to meet your specifications.


Car Park Services

Master Linemarking specialises in providing comprehensive carpark line marking services, whether you require a new car park set-up or a refresh of your existing one. Our specialist car park teams are highly skilled and can work outside business hours, including nights and weekends, to minimise disruptions.

Utilising state-of-the-art computer-operated line marking machines with airless spraying technology, they deliver precise and accurate results in line with Australian Safety Standards. Master Linemarking operates 24/7, accommodating various budgets and time frames to help clients achieve their desired line-marking outcomes.


Workplace Safety Services

Contact now to schedule a complimentary site visit and receive an 18-point Safety Checklist. Master Linemarking offers a comprehensive range of services that includes traffic management, forklift exclusion zones, shared zones, loading zones, exclusion chevrons, emergency exits, directional arrows, driver standing zones, speed limit signage, safe pedestrian walkways with slip resistance and reflective glass, slip resistance testing, safety zones, delineation between pedestrians and vehicles and much more.


Pedestrian Crossing Services

Master Linemarking specialise in slip-resistant pedestrian walkways surpass Australian safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for both customers and staff. We offer certified slip-resistant testing at budget-friendly rates and always use anti-slip and reflective beading on pedestrian crossings and walkways. With a focus on traffic management and pedestrian safety, Master Linemarking understands the importance of slip resistance in various locations such as car parks, shopping centres, warehouses and industrial sites.

We can arrange independent slip testing for pedestrian areas and ensure compliance with Australian safety standards. Our teams utilise advanced computer-operated line marking machines with airless spraying technology.


Special Events Services

Choose Master Linemarking as your trusted partner for special event line marking, where we guarantee exceptional, precise, and visually captivating outcomes. With extensive experience in line marking major racetracks and sporting events, we have established ourselves as experts in the field. We have also showcased their skills by painting four rainbow pedestrian crossings at Sydney Airports for the Sydney Mardi Gras 2020.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Master Linemarking prioritises the use of high-quality materials and environmentally conscious methods, while maintaining a strong focus on workplace health and safety.

Master Linemarking is Sydney’s #1 Linemarking Solutions

PLUS: We offer you a 100% satisfaction warranty and we guarantee to beat any written quote by 5%
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Master Linemarking are recognized linemarking professionals with over 40 years of professional Industrial and line marking experience. This means that you as our valued client will have reputable, knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy teams available 24/7. All our staff are OH&S certified and have passed Drug & Alcohol testing, including Police checks, and have many inductions pretested with numerous major companies all up to date.

We have teams who are constantly delivering the best quality heavy duty line marking across the Greater Sydney region and regional NSW.

Our Master Linemarking Estimators can get your quote back to you quickly and organise a start date that fits into your timeframe. Give us a ring to discuss your needs or email your plans across today.

We are proud of our reputation and have completed thousands of jobs from the simplest through to complex multi-stage projects and we communicate with all our clients in simple, effective, and no jargon manner.

Master Linemarking is a proud member of the
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This alliance ensures we are always updated and informed of any linemarking change of rules and regulations, therefore we are always delivering your projects to Australian Safety Standards.


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We only recommend and use quality products for different surfaces and finishes to get the best possible results for your project.


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We are available 24/7 for all your projects and can work within your budget and time frame to help you achieve your required Linemarking results.

Master Linemarking is Sydney’s #1 Linemarking Solutions

PLUS: We offer you a 100% satisfaction warranty and we guarantee to beat any written quote by 5%

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